Pocket Gamer's free-game-a-day Advent Calendar - Fates Forever

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Pocket Gamer's free-game-a-day Advent Calendar - Fates Forever
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Sunday. Sunday Sunday Sunday. What to do? Why not download an awesome free game for your iPad and spend the day battling monsters? Now that sounds like a plan.

Today's advent calendar gift is the excellent Fates Forever. It's a brilliant mobile MOBA that's been slightly overshadowed by the release of Vainglory. But you know what? We think it's a damn sight better.

The game takes the PC template and modifies it for tablets. It's slick, gorgeous to look at, and easy to pick up and play. It's free to play done right, and offers hours of fun without begging you for a penny.

At review we called it "a stunning MOBA that's been made with mobile in mind, but without compromising on the tactical depth or visual splendour of its PC-based influences." Then we went right ahead and gave it a Gold Award.

You can grab the game for your iPad right now for nothing [download]. Hopefully we've brightened up the end of your weekend a little.

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