PlayStation Home to be accessible via PSP and mobile

A just-unearthed Sony developer Q&A says so

PlayStation Home to be accessible via PSP and mobile

PSP gossip is coming faster than PSP games at present. The latest word, as reported today by, is that PlayStation Home – the upcoming graphics-based social networking hub for PlayStation 3 gamers – will be accessible by PSP after all.

Don't hold your breath. The details, unearthed in an official Sony PDF file meant for third-party games developers, suggest merely that certain Home features are likely to be accessible via PlayStation Portable and mobile phone in some form.

It doesn't sound like much, but we were flabberghasted that Sony's Phil Harrison didn't mention PSP during his GDC Home announcement last week, so some role for PSP is better than nothing. And the mobile interaction is an unexpected bonus.

That said, it could well transpire that this document is out of date, or that there are technical details yet to be ironed out regarding hooking up PSP and PlayStation Home (we'd suggest piracy protection concerns may be one issue).

If you want to learn more about PlayStation Home, Tech Digest has just posted a summary of this newly discovered roadmap. Otherwise, go check out more PSP buzz in our recent rumour recap, or read today's confirmation from Sony's UK MD that the PSP we know and love is going to be revamped.