PG Applympics 2012: Medal ceremony for the fighting event

Harder, Faster, Longer

PG Applympics 2012: Medal ceremony for the fighting event

After five absorbing days of top-drawer voting in the fighting event at the inaugural PG Applympics, the proverbial whistle has blown and the competition has now closed.

All of the votes have been counted and verified by an independent adjudicator (Facebook) this morning. The results were then passed to me in a silver envelope by a Dermot O'Leary look-alike from Slough.

Before I reveal the winner and runners-up in the fighting category at PG Applympics 2012, a word - or 15 - from the PG Applympics founder, Baron de Bennallack.

"My philosophical ideal for video gaming competition is as valid today as it was yesterday."

For those who have already forgotten de Bennallack's wonderful philosophy on sports-based video games, shame on you. Here it is again, though:

"The important thing in life is the triumph, not the struggle. The essential thing is to have conquered, not to just fight well."

Always believe in your soul

So, with this noble philosophical ideal ringing in our collective ears, let's cross live to this year's second award ceremony at Kelston Park, Bath.

PG deputy editor Will Wilson should be standing by in front of the podium to present your three most popular fighting games with their respective medals…
Street Fighter IV - Was it ever really in doubt? One of Japan's finest-ever gaming exports secured a phenomenal 27 per cent of the online ballot.

A vintage performance by the Capcom Mobile team rewarded with a PG Applympics gold medal. No contest.

WrestleFest Premium - Just 11 days after celebrating Raw's 1000th episode in typically understated fashion, WWE chairman Vince McMahon can crack open another bottle of bubbly to toast his gloriously retro grappler's incredible success in Bath this week.

Long live lycra! Long live long luxuriant hair on middle-aged men who should know better! Long live Lita!

Soul Calibur - A mere percentage point or two behind WWE's WrestleFest Premium throughout the past week, Namco's Soul Calibur has battled its way to a coveted bronze in the fighting event.

With the Japanese squad picking up two medals in this highly charged category, there's no doubt which nation is the King of the Fighting mobile game any more.

Richard Brown
Richard Brown
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