Penny arcade

Cut price Sony Ericsson brings affordable mobile gaming to the masses

Penny arcade

How does a games-ready handset for under £100 grab you? And a Sony Ericsson one, at that, with a 128x128 pixel, 65,536 colour screen? If that’s got your attention, ladies and gentlemen, may we direct you towards the new J210i from Sony Ericsson. It’s the manufacturer’s new entry-level phone and should retail for under the £100 mark when it arrives in the UK later this summer.

While it’s undeniably lacking some of the features of its more expensive siblings (there’s no camera, for instance, or Bluetooth), it does include everything you need for enjoying the best mobile phone games on the market. Sony Ericsson’s typically brilliant joystick is ready and waiting for your thumb and even supports force-feedback with compatible titles. A dedicated ringtone/games speaker provides punchy audio playback.

Available in grey or a subtle pale green colour, it measures just 101mm long by 43mm wide and is 19mm thick, weighing just 74g.