Nokia's CEO: dual- and quad-core processors are just a waste of battery


Nokia's CEO: dual- and quad-core processors are just a waste of battery

According to Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop, dual- and quad-core processors aren't really warranted and are just a waste of your smartphone's battery.

In Elop's opinion, this has been proven numerous times in the past with campaigns such as 'Smoked by Windows Phone' and 'Blown Away by Lumia' - both of which aimed to prove that a smartphone packing a single-core processor could perform day-to-day tasks faster than smartphones packing two or four cores.

Nokia has apparently tested the latter campaign in China, where it offered 1000 yuan (around £100) to anyone who could beat the company's smartphones in a speed test. According to Elop, Nokia never lost.

It's likely this is because both campaigns are designed to highlight the speed of the Windows Phone UI rather than the processing power behind it. Windows Phone's Live Tiles and built-in Facebook and Twitter apps give the platform an 'unfair' advantage and help it easily outpace native applications.

Loud and proud

This, of course, isn't the first time Elop has shared his disdain for multi-cored phones. Back in January, Elop said in an interview with TechRadar that you "don't need a quad-core phone unless you want to keep your hands warm in your pocket".

We look forward to hearing what the Nokia CEO has to say when his company does eventually release a dual-core-powered smartphone. It's inevitable, after all.

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