Nokia N8 maxes out 3D graphics benchmarks

180% faster than N97

Nokia N8 maxes out 3D graphics benchmarks
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When Nokia revealed its next flagship device, the N8, last month it provoked some grumbles from the spec-obsessed corner of the internet.

Some felt that the handset’s 680MHz processor would be inadequate when pitched against the many 1GHz Android beasts flooding the market.

They needn’t have worried, it seems. The writers over at Finest Fones have been benchmarking the upcoming Nokia device and getting some very impressive results.

Using an app called Speedy Go, it was established that the N8 is significantly faster than other leading Symbian phones. In particular it’s 54 percent quicker than the Samsung Omnia HD and a whopping 180 per cent faster than Nokia’s own N97.

Even more interestingly for pocket gamers, the N8 maxed out the FPC Bench 3D graphics test, scoring 60fps in every category. This is thanks to the device’s dedicated graphics accelerator taking the load off the processor.

Not only that, but Symbian^3 OS is coded to take proper advantage of such hardware acceleration, whereas the older S60v5 is not.

The Nokia N8 is down for a Q3 2010 release.

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