No Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone, honest

And the cycle completes itself

No Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone, honest
PSP + Java

Sony Computer Entertainment has gone on record to dismiss yesterday's rumour of a PlayStation phone.

The company is in no way working with Sony Ericsson on any such device, apparently, and claims SCE co-chief operating officer was misquoted by the Economic Times.

That may be true, of course, but we've had this scenario before. After all, this PS phone business is the industry's hottest soap opera right now. Albeit one with an increasingly familiar plotline.

It goes something like this: a Sony representative will hint that such a device is being considered; then an SCE representative swiftly comes along to deny any such device.

Tell you what, click here to get a quick overview of the story so far. We'll bring you the next instalment as soon as we discover it, naturally, but expect to have heard it all before.

Joao Diniz Sanches
Joao Diniz Sanches
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