No current plans to open up iPod to games developers

No software development kits have been released to games creators, but that could change

No current plans to open up iPod to games developers

Having played through the first batch of iPod games, we've reviewed the iPod as a gaming device today. Our verdict: it's got potential but it needs more bespoke iPod games.

Unfortunately there's no immediate sign of that happening, at least not according to a report in the European print magazine Develop.

Talking to Develop, worldwide product manager Christie Wilkinson said that while Apple will "definitely" monitor the early warm reception for its launch games, the device remained "first and foremost" a music player.

Apple would take a softly-softly approach to releasing any more games, said Wilkinson, as it did with movies in 2004. Games were, she said: "An additional form of entertainment for when you're listening to music. That's why we're not releasing any APIs or SDKs at all."

Of course, that doesn't mean Apple isn't developing its own games in-house, or in partnership with selected companies. Watch this space.