Ninty's Pikachu-themed 3DS XL hitting US shores on March 24th

With a free 4GB SD card

Ninty's Pikachu-themed 3DS XL hitting US shores on March 24th

Nintendo's special Pikachu-themed 3DS XL, which landed in Japan and Europe during the second half of last year, will line store shelves in the US from March 24th.

This gorgeous-looking limited edition handheld (which comes with a 4GB SD card) will be released for $199.99 alongside adventure title Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity.

Naturally, this upcoming roguelike is an indirect sequel to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness (& Time), which only managed a measly 5/10 at review back in 2008.


If you buy this Pikachu-themed 3DS XL with Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity or Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon you'll also receive a special download code.

With this code, you'll be able to download one of five first-party Nintendo games completely free of charge.

In Japan, pre-orders of this brazenly coloured handheld were snapped up fast. In fact, eager gamers cleared out stock at the Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka Pokemon Centers in a single day.

So, if you're interested in this colourful console, you better act fast when it launches.

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