Nintendo goes mobile: Steel Media's sites have their say

Do we like it? Do we not like it? What even is it?

Nintendo goes mobile: Steel Media's sites have their say

You may have noticed that the big story in mobile gaming this week revolved around Nintendo announcing a partnership with DeNA to bring its IP to smartphones and tablets.

Unsurprisingly here at Steel Media we have been all over this like a sexy rash. If you've missed any of our coverage, allow me to get you caught up. First the lovely people of AppSpy made this video.

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While over on our business focused sister site, the mobile mavens convened to discuss how Nintendo might turn its beloved franchises into free to play games.

And .biz editor Jon Jordan suggested that the whole partnership is doomed to failure. Cheery bunch over there.

At our American site 148Apps, Jennifer Allen got a bit sad about the whole thing as well. But they did suggest 14 Nintendo franchises that would work well on mobile, so it's not all doom and gloom.

Here at Pocket Gamer we argued for and against the partnership. Against obviously being the better argument because I wrote it.

We also postulated what Nintendo's NX might look like, and wondered if Nintendo could learn anything from old rival Sega when it came to getting mobile right.

Oh, and we had a think about what we wanted from the partnership, and what we'd probably end up with.

Consider yourself caught up. And make sure you check all the sites on the network regularly to keep up to date with the best mobile gaming news and opinion.