MWC 2010: Microsoft unveils Windows Phone 7 Series with Xbox Live built-in

Less Windows, more Tiles

MWC 2010: Microsoft unveils Windows Phone 7 Series with Xbox Live built-in

Microsoft has just revealed the newest iteration of its Windows Mobile OS at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which brings together social networking and Xbox live integration into a minimalistic, box-heavy ‘Live Tiles’ UI.

The Live Tiles UI is a massive departure from earlier versions of the OS, having more in common with Sony’s upcoming Timescape UI than an obviously Windows-based operating system.

Unlike traditional UIs, WinMo 7 combines social networking updates from sites like Facebook and Windows Live into a single contacts list, called the People Hub, so that their photos and status updates automatically update on your phone.

The updated profiles can be placed on the home page for quick access so that you can keep up to date with your friend’s FarmVille updates wherever you go.

The Zune music service, a feature that will be present on all WinMo 7 phones, can add third party applications like Pandora to the playlist, perhaps marking an acceptance that most people don’t have Zune as their music player of choice.

The most exciting part of this new integration-based focus for pocket gamers, though, is the inclusion of a full Xbox Live service, including games (plus achievements), notifications and the creepy avatars.

Other than an occasional Windows logo, it’s very hard to tell that the WinMo 7 OS is a Windows operating system, with everything image-heavy and a distinct lack of windows.

Will Wilson
Will Wilson
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