More free fantasy eBooks coming to DS, PSP and iPod

Now first time authors get in on the act

More free fantasy eBooks coming to DS, PSP and iPod
DS + PSP + iPod

If you watch the education stories on the TV news, you'd think reading was a dying art (certainly Mary Nightingale isn't the only one who seems to struggle with the autocue).

Still, back in the culturally well-rounded environs of the Pocket Gamer reading room, there's nothing we'd rather relax with more than some of that old fashioned moveable type stuff – other than games, TV, films, comics and dominos, of course.

Fantasy author Darren Reid seems to be enjoying his interactions with the gaming community, too, as he's expanding the range of free literature available on his NextGenBooks website.

Following on from the currently available DS, PSP and iPod optimised versions of his The Wonderful Wizard of Oz books, plus the Xevicom Forever graphic novel, he's now opening up the floodgates to his writerly chums.

First up will be debut author Kim Silva's story The Dreamers, which will be followed by Kyrinn Synthea Eis' sci-fi flavoured Slither On and David Goyette's action fantasy adventure The Loss and the Bluff.

Reid himself will get in on the act as well, with the first three chapters of his new book The Half Broken Crown.

The new material on NextGenBooks will be released from the end of April through May and June.

Jon Jordan
Jon Jordan
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