More details on id Software's plans for iPhone

One game at a time, apparently

More details on id Software's plans for iPhone

Last month, we wrote about id Software's John Carmack's ambitious plans for the iPhone, including an exclusive game that'll be "a graphical tour de force".

Now the company's CEO Todd Hollenshead has been giving a bit more info on id Software's plans, saying it's trying not to get too carried away.

"It appears that at this point that given the size of our team, we can only work on one mobile game at a time," he tells Kotaku. "We are probably partner up and the first [iPhone game] will be one where we work with a publishing partner."

He also says that id is keen to bring its upcoming mobile titles Wolfenstein RPG and Doom 2 RPG to iPhone, but it seems neither is a certainty at this stage.

However, Hollenshead also seems concerned that iPhone games will have to compete with other features on Apple's handset, including music and video.

"It does raise the bar on what you need to do from a game standpoint," he says. "With the iPhone the experience, what you are going to be doing in games, has to rise because there are so many other things you can do with it."

We're looking forward to seeing how Carmack and co raise that bar in the months to come.

Stuart Dredge
Stuart Dredge
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