Mid-week iOS releases: Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, Riptide GP, Shantae: Risky's Revenge, and more

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Mid-week iOS releases: Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, Riptide GP, Shantae: Risky's Revenge, and more

Welcome back to Pocket Gamer's round-up of the latest iPhone and iPad mid-week releases.

As we've said many times before, we produce this article because we're simply too busy to bring you a story on every single new mid-week release.

These games have recently hit the New Zealand App Store, meaning you should be able to download them in the UK and US from around midnight this evening.

So, let's get on with the show.

iPhone Saving Moo

Your job in Clickgamer's Saving Moo is to prevent a wave of alien invaders from snatching your precious cows, by utilising 17 crazy weapons. These include egg cannons, hot marshmallow guns, and a special TV launcher.

There are 25 levels for you to defend your way through, and a survival mode that tasks you with protecting your cows for as long as humanly possible.

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Flick Tennis: College Wars

Flick Tennis: College Wars thrusts you into the shoes of an up-and-coming tennis prodigy, who must compete to become the best college player around.

Your journey unfolds across 35 pages of a comic book, as you use flick controls to overcome ten unique opponents.

Head-to-Head multiplayer, Singles, Doubles, and Exhibition modes are all on offer.

Download Flick Tennis: College Wars

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Blosics is a physics-based puzzler that challenges you with clearing different coloured blocks, by launching 13 different varieties of power balls at them.

You do this over 120 levels and four episodes. Apple's social gaming network Game Center provides the platform for some major bragging.

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Chicken Coup Remix

Chicken Coup Remix tasks you with saving your chickens before they get gobbled up by a crafty fox. To do so, you have to drag the feathered fowl into your safe barn.

Game Center is on board with achievements and leaderboards, which you mount by saving chains of similarly coloured chickens.

Chicken Coup Remix's App Store description promises "new levels and more content" are "coming soon".

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Dawn of Magic

Dawn of Magic is a classic RPG, which you can grab from the App Store for free for a limited time.

As you explore the game's "vast" world map, you'll discover secret missions, find rare magic gems and items, and upgrade your characters to earn special abilities.

Download Dawn of Magic

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World Mosaics Full

Starting in Greece, your aim in World Mosaics Full is to solve 99 unique puzzles and unravel the mysterious history of the elusive Pelasgians.

There are seven different locations to visit - including Egypt, India, and Japan - and 100 extra puzzles for those who want another challenge.

Download World Mosaics Full

Ninja Pong

Ninja Pong tasks you with successfully ferrying tiny ninjas with rather large heads across deadly hazards. How? By sliding your finger across the screen and providing them with a bouncy platform.

Naturally, you'll also have to avoid bombs and arrows, collect bonuses, and launch an assault on Game Center leaderboards.

Apple's social gaming network also offers 33 achievements.

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Universal Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

Gameloft's long-awaited Call of Duty-esque sequel has finally arrived, complete with 13 new missions in locations as varied as Los Angeles and Pakistan.

When you're done shooting AI opponents in the face, there are also seven unique multiplayer modes for you and eleven strangers to try out. You'll fight the good fight across six different maps.

You can find out more details in Pocket Gamer's hands-on with Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation.

Download Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

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Riptide GP

Riptide GP is a Wave Race-esque racer in which you tear around 12 different water-based tracks and three unique games modes: Race, Hot Lap, and Championship.

As you speed around, you'll have the opportunity to grab some air, perform some sick tricks, and alter your environment mid-race.

We gave the Android version of Riptide GP a prestigious Silver Award when it came floating into PG Towers in July.

Download Riptide GP

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Shantae: Risky's Revenge

Shantae: Risky's Revenge follows half-genie Shantae on her quest to save Sequin Land from certain destruction.

To complete her mission, you'll have to guide her through haunted wastelands, burning deserts, enchanted forests, and other dangerous spots.

You can download Shantae: Risky's Revenge and gain access to four areas of the game without putting your hand in your pocket once. You will have stump up some cash for the full game, if you get hooked, though.

Download Shantae: Risky's Revenge

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The evil race of Gants has stolen an old mage's magical Shims: it's your job to go and get them back.

On your travels, you'll collect magical creatures called Chibs, which allow you to jump higher, shoot your foes, and perform a range of other actions.

Download SpinTrip

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