Mid-week iOS releases: Agent Dash, Justice League, Commando Jack, Judge Dredd, and more

Mid-week missiles

Mid-week iOS releases: Agent Dash, Justice League, Commando Jack, Judge Dredd, and more

Hello. No silly intro from me this time around. I've got my serious face on.

That's because this week's new releases feature is filled with serious games about people wearing tights, a secret agent who's a bit inept, and a judge who prefers to mete out justice with a gun.

As always, the games listed below (unless otherwise stated) will be out at midnight tonight BST, so don't try and download them before then - it won't work.

Universal Agent Dash
By Full Fat - buy for iPhone and iPad

Full Fat is getting in on this 3D endless-runner craze with its latest release, Agent Dash.

While Agent Dash bears all the hallmarks of the genre - sharp turns, over-the-shoulder view, obstacles to avoid - its graphics and sound seem to have a bit more charm about them than the usual Temple Run-style game.

As you might expect, Agent Dash also packs quite a few gadgets to help him get further, as well as full Facebook integration.

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Monster Life
By Gameloft - buy for iPhone and iPad

Do you love pet games? Do you love freemium builders? Do you love me (yeah, yeah, yeah)?

If you replied 'yes' to that increasingly overused introduction, then say hello to Monster Life, Gameloft's latest attractive-looking freemium title.

There are 20 monsters (made from paper) to raise, buildings to erect, and "minions of chaos" to fight against. Sounds a bit like Pokemon-meets-FarmVille to me, or - if you want to be all hip - the recently released Outernauts.

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Cafe International
By Application Systems Heidelberg Software - buy for iPhone and iPad

Despite devoting a decent amount of my spare time to obscure boardgames, I'm ashamed to say that I've neither played nor heard of this international hit from 1989.

The idea is that you're running - yes - a cafe with a very international clientele, and it's your job to place them at their tables to score points.

You can play solo against up to three AI opponents, as well as have a go against living competition via Game Center.

Chicken Raid
By FDG Entertainment - buy for iPhone and iPad

FDG is jumping aboard the physics-puzzler train with Chicken Raid, a game that doesn't involve flinging birds at structures, but rather involves bringing down structures on birds. Makes a change, I guess.

There are 96 levels to blast through, and the gameplay is based on the Flash game Chicken House, rather than the iPhone game Angry Birds.

Frighteningly, the app description mentions an original soundtrack that features a tune called 'Chicken Song'. I'm going to take a wild stab in the dark and guess it's a comedy caper featuring various samples of people doing chicken impressions.

Tell me in the comments if I'm right once the game is out, would you?

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Justice League: Earth's Final Defense
By Netmarble - buy for iPhone and iPad

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Flash. Separately, they are a bunch of comic book characters I don't care about, but together they form the Justice League, which - incidentally - I also don't care about.

However, the official Justice League iOS game does look rather good, taking the form of a 3D action game with RPG-style levelling. Even minor characters from the DC universe pop up to help out these brave fictional people.

The question as to why Superman even needs any allies given he has ridiculously awesome abilities remains unanswered, however. Maybe the enemies are all shooting Kryptonite bullets?

Also - where the hell is Aquaman?

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Judge Dredd: Countdown Sector 106
By Tin Man Games - buy for iPhone and iPad

Ah, Judge Dredd - now, this is a comic book I did actually read a bit of when I was younger (none of that freedom / justice / tights malarkey for me).

Forget that awful '90s film with Stallone, however, for Judge Dredd plots have always been dark, amoral, and packed with acidic social commentary.

Which makes Judge Dredd's universe an ideal place for Tin Man Games to cast its Gamebook magic over.

Countdown Sector 106 doesn't involve running around shooting things, but instead relies on your making decisions that shape the plot (as with Choose Your Own Adventures).

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Commando Jack
By Chillingo - buy for iPhone and iPad

Commando Jack hates aliens, he really does. Especially aliens that come around to our planet and start invading some of the earth's most iconic cities.

The game takes the form of an "action tower defence" title, in that you'll be both placing down towers and funnelling foes. You'll also be taking direct control of the titular officer himself and blasting down baddies with your cannon.

There are five cities to fight in (including London, Team GB fans), as well as a range of unlockable turrets and special weapons (such as a cool drone) to employ.

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Carrot Watch
By Bulkypix - buy for iPhone and iPad

If you thought rabbits were merely lovely pets / tasty meat / the most unfairly targeted creature in Animals of Farthing Wood, think again: according to Carrot Watch, you see, they're actually magical beings with ninja training.

For some reason, you're up against a bunch of (surreal) foxes who appear to have taken a break from chasing hens and have now set their sights on your iPhone / iPad.

There are 20 levels to shoot through, 10 different rabbits to use, and 10 different types of - not exactly well-drawn - foxes to battle against.

Funny Wood
By Chillingo - buy for iPhone and iPad

Chillingo wins the 'Worst Game Title of the Week' award for Funny Wood, a game set - predictably - in a wood.

It's a children's game, so it's hardly surprising I'm not particularly excited by this one, which seems to combine elements of the hidden object genre with bright pastel graphics.

There's nothing funny about hidden object games, though. Nothing (except some of G5's plotlines, which are hilarious).

Will Wilson
Will Wilson
Will's obsession with gaming started off with sketching Laser Squad levels on pads of paper, but recently grew into violently shouting "Tango Down!" at random strangers on the street. He now directs that positive energy into his writing (due in no small part to a binding court order).