Metal Torrent and Bounce & Break head up this week's DSiWare releases

The latest DSiWare releases for your weekly consumption

Metal Torrent and Bounce & Break head up this week's DSiWare releases

There's something of a retro vibe amongst the European DSiWare releases this week.

Metal Torrent provides the vertical-scrolling shooter, while Bounce & Break is here to break out the Breakout clone.

Meanwhile Flips: Silent But Deadly is an interactive flip book telling the story of strange goings on at a school.

The best way to describe it is to simply quote the press release:

"When Mr Watts, the science teacher, turns up for class and tries to open his briefcase with his teeth, James, Alexander and Lenny realise he's not quite himself."

Sounds perfectly normal, then! Silent But Deadly can be yours for 500 DSi Points.

Old skool charms

Shoot 'em up Metal Torrent is an intense scrolling blaster through and through. Choose your ship, collect chains of cubes, top the online leaderboard, repeat.

Enemies drop said cubes when destroyed, which provide both points and special weapons useful for taking out the more difficult enemies. A wi-fi connection can be used to upload high scores and view replays from top-ranking players.

Metal Torrent is available from the DSiWare Store for 500 DSi Points.

Bounce & Break is a break-out game with a Zen Japanese twist. There are four different universes to play in, and each is divided into four seasons.

The best two scores for each area are saved into the online top ranking system, so other players can see how downright awesome you are. Bounce & Break costs 500 DSi Points.

Music man

Rytmik is the premium-priced release of the week, with an 800 Points price tag. It's a song creation tool for composing entire pieces of music.

Supplied with over 170 samples for drums, bass and melody, users can flex their musical prowess with up to four simultaneous tracks and 16 pre-made tracks.