Liveblog from Nokia World 2011: The Empires Strike Back?

Joint assault from Finnish outfit and Windows Mobile

Liveblog from Nokia World 2011: The Empires Strike Back?

10:36 JJ: Finished - everyone rushes off to get hands on.

Not a bad keynote, but hardly Apple-inspirational. They did a good job of sharing the on-stage time, but Elop is clearly the key man, it’s a bit disappointing not to get more of him.

Also, I felt it was slightly lacking in detail in terms of the hardware - Lumia 800 - and rather too much on developing markets, which are important but Nokia’s going to have to sell at least 4-7 Ashas to make the same profit as a Lumia 800.

Anyhow, lets go and see what they’re like in the hand...

10:33 JJ: Talking up Fruit Ninja on stage - chop, chop in the Experience area

10:32 JJ: Elop ends by saying thanks to Nokia staff, partners etc “Those who bleed Nokia blue”.

10:28 JJ: Lumia 710 out towards the end of year for 270 euros. Lumia phones in US in early 2012, into China in H1 2012

10:27 JJ: Lumia 800 in production now [cut to man in Finnish factory, packaging phones in real-time]. Launching in Europe 6: UK, France, Germany, Holland, Spain, Italy in November. Russia, Hong Kong, Taiwan in 2012. Price 420 euros. Pre order now from Nokia online.

10:26 JJ: Asha 300 85 euros, Asha 303 115 euros, Asha 200/201 60 euros - available in 2012

10:23 JJ: “We’re going to invade cities. We’re making marketing that is contagious. That people will take photos of.”

10:20 JJ: The Amazing Everyday campaign. “Everyday can be amazing. You can do everyday things in amazing ways. We are going to fill the world with tiles. It’s about time someone offers an alternative smartphone UI.”

10:18 JJ: Steven Overman - marketing - wants to drive lust for Lumia. Marketing target age is 25 years old.

10:17 JJ: Nokia launch will be backed by 31 operators and retailers. Nokia’s biggest launch ever for Lumia.

10:16 JJ: Nokia announces headphones partnership with Monster

10:14: 10 million app downloads per day on Ovi Store. 175 developers have exceed one million downloads. New partnership with Sesame Street.

10:12 JJ: Talking about what Nokia can do with real location data - “contextual knowledge to improve experiences”. How we relate objects to the world. Nokia Public Transport app for 450 cities globally, 71 cities in real-time. Nokia Live View - a new augmented reality platform.

10:10 JJ: Lumia form follows function. “Functionally beautiful phones. It is a new dawn for Nokia.”

10:07 JJ: Lumia 710 smartphone announced. No nonsense and affordable. 3.7-inch display. Available in black and white with customisable back covers. A pricepoint play. Lumia 800 is the hero device.

10:05 JJ: I wish Nokia had spoken more about the Lumia 800 hardware itself. Kinda skater over some of that. Too much on Windows Phone, which we all know about.

10:03 JJ: Something we’re cooking up with ESPN. “An integrated, holistic sports experience.” ESPN Sports Hub, which will be unique to Nokia. Kevin is a Fulham fan, he’s suggesting.

10:00 JJ: “Music is a pain on smartphones” (really?). Lumia 800 comes with new service - Nokia Music, including mix radio option. This is pre-loaded service service (not Spotify as you can’t select tracks) you can seed with artists to create a mix. You can also make available offline.

09:57 JJ: Navigation: Get Nokia Drive for free. Voice guided turn-by-turn navigation for 69 million places - a first for Windows Phone.

09:56 JJ: Talking up Internet Explorer browser. Hardware-accelerated etc. Same as desktop.

09:55 JJ: Games - 40,897 Xbox Live score for Kevin Shields. His avatar has more hair than he does (jokes)

09:53 JJ: Camera has f/2.8 Carl Zeiss lens. Optimised flash for low light.

09:50 JJ: Talking about People Hub. Brings everything together. One easy to view place to see what’s going on. talking through the Groups options.

09:48 JJ: WP doesn't have "a lame grid of app icons that aren't doing anything" - active tiles...

09:44 JJ: Single piece injection molded shell. Outstanding antenna performance. It defils convention. "Beauty on the outside. Beast on the inside". Kevin Shields is very shouty

09:42 JJ: There is a harmony. What we left out was as important as what we put in. Lumia is the first real Windows Phone (gets a big cheer).

09:40 JJ: The world is ready for something new Lumia 800. "Bringing a gentler structure to mobility ... The inky blackness of the screen."

09:38 JJ: Talking about plastic finishes on Asha devices. The line is blurring between feature and smart phones.

09:37 JJ: Back to Elop. “We are seeing very encouraging signs.”

09:35 JJ: The four new devices will come with Nokia browser including cloud-based compression etc.

09:34 JJ: Angry Birds for Series 40 phones.

09:32 JJ: Frankly this emerging markets stuff is dragging on a bit now. Now onto Latin America - Mexico. 30 percent of Ovi Store downloads are on Series 40 devices.

09:30 JJ: WhatsApp Messenger (Nokia’s BBM) Already one million users.

09:28 JJ: “You can’t possibly be lime green and not have a personality”

09:25 JJ: Touch and type devices - Asha. 5MP camera. Going through consumer types in China, Kenya etc

09:24 JJ: Talking more about connected devices for the next billion people in emerging markets - cheap, great phones. 'To make a product is an act of love.'

09:17 (JJ): 12 phones made per second for emerging markets. Four new phones announced today. Nokia Asha - 200, 201, 300, 303. Asha means ‘Hope’

09:16 (JJ): N9. Simple elegance. Strong demand in Russia. Highest demand ever. We are pleased with our progress, but there is more we can do, for the next billion connected people.

09:13 (JJ): We have gone through a transition. We are playing to win. We have started to deliver. 18 million dual-SIM devices. 6 new Symbian devices. 7 devices with NFC.

09:12 (JJ): People like Nokia. We are reliable. We would also send you a birthday card, but we want to do more. We need to change.

09:10 (JJ): Talking about an entrepreneur from Beruit...

09:09 (JJ): Enter Stephen Elop... He’s inspired us all...

09:08: JJ This is our biggest Nokia World ever. Over 3,000 people 09:07 JJ: Loud music. New icons swirl. It’s all new for Nokia 09:04: (JJ) Still about to start... 8:59: (JJ) Elop having his photo taken millions of times. About to start... 8:58 (JJ) Everything is very blue. Nokia blue. Atmosphere in keynote is hotting up. Stage is much less enormous that last year; although there is some sort of walkway. Interesting... 0844: (Rob) We have two men at the ExCeL Exhibition Centre in London's Docklands covering the even - Jon Jordan and Jonathan Morris, if you must know - but just in case they can't get on the wi-fi we'll be 'liveblogging' the event from Nokia's stream. 0841: (Rob) Good morning. Just 20 minutes to go before Stephen Elop takes to the stage. In the meantime WinRumors has published a leaked image of two handsets called Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 - formerly known as SeaRay and Sabre.

Nokia World 2010 was something of a holding pattern for the Finnish phone maker, as it had just announced its new CEO Stephen Elop.

Handset-wise, it was hoping that its Symbian^3 (as was) devices like the N8 could cut the mustard against the assault of iPhone and Android. Elop quickly realised this wasn't going to be the case, however.

Ditching Symbian, and the company's MeeGo joint venture with Intel, he jumped straight into bed with Microsoft - his previous company.

Yet, in the 12 months that have followed, the decision to align Nokia with Windows Phone looks to be a good one, especially after the confusion of Google's acquisition of Motorola, and the ongoing patent battles between Apple and various Android licensees such as Samsung, HTC and Motorola.

So, now, in the Excel Centre in London's Docklands, we'll see exactly how those plans are shaping up as Elop takes to the stage with a 9am (GMT +1) keynote.