Kongregate Arcade pulled from Android Marketplace

Google pulls Flash-based app for unknown reasons

Kongregate Arcade pulled from Android Marketplace

Mere hours after being released on the Android Marketplace to much fanfare, Google has pulled Kongregate Arcade.

The app, which offers more than 300 Flash games tailored to Android handsets, was made unavailable for download via Google's digital store for unknown reasons.

While Google has yet to comment on the decision to pull the app, make Kongregate confirmed the news in a statement, highlighting that in the short time it was available it had been downloaded by "tens of thousands of users."

Without comment from Google it's impossible to know precisely the reason for the pull, but it may involve the manner by which Kongregate Arcade enables the publication of games for Android handsets without direct certification by Google.

In short, once the app is available on the Android Marketplace, Kongregate is able to release new games without going through the app approval process.

It's uncertain when or even if Kongregate Arcade will be made available again on Android Marketplace, although you can downloaded directly from Kongregate's website.

Tracy Erickson
Tracy Erickson
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