Kongregate Arcade looking to GetJar after Android Market snub

Doing an Angry Birds

Kongregate Arcade looking to GetJar after Android Market snub

Fresh from being booted off the Android Market mere hours after going live, Flash games portal app Kongregate Arcade is looking to a new source for distribution.

Following the lead of gaming apps like Angry Birds and Slice It!, Kongregate Arcade is all set to take a bow on independent app store GetJar.

Google rejected the Kongregate Arcade app, which hosts the playing of hundreds of free Flash games, amidst claims that it violated the company’s terms of service policy. Some have speculated that the move was made due to the threat the app posed to Google’s own plans for gaming on Android.

Regardless, the move to GetJar appears to be a very good alternative choice. Both Rovio and Com2uS have referenced the app store’s global reach as a major benefit, and the former in particular scored some phenomenal download figures through the service (one million Angry Birds downloads in the first day, seven million in the first month).

Kongregate Arcade should be available on GetJar soon. Alternatively, you can download it for your Android 2.2 device right now by heading over to the Kongregate website.

Jon Mundy
Jon Mundy
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