'Kickstarter for games' Gambitious launches with a bunch of portable projects

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'Kickstarter for games' Gambitious launches with a bunch of portable projects
iOS + Android + 3DS ...

'Kickstarter for games' is a pretty decent way of describing Gambitious, a new crowdfunding system that was launched today.

Of course, Kickstarter also helps interesting game projects receive funding from fans, but Gambitious specialises in games.

Gambitious also offers more than just a T-shirt or a limited edition version of the game to investors. It actually gives you the opportunity to buy a stake in the game - should the developers agree - so any future success could give you a tidy reward for your investment (which starts from €20).

That's the boring business bit out of the way. So, what are Gambitious's first projects like?

Of the seven initial proposals, four are being developed with mobile platforms in mind.

Cosmic DJ is a rhythm-action game with an asynchronous multiplayer element, and it's been developed exclusively for iOS.

Candy Kids is a brand-new IP from Abstraction Games, which has handled conversions of Angry Birds and Cut The Rope in the past. Candy Kids looks to be a colourful platform-puzzler for iOS.

Super Micro Heroes looks very nice indeed. It's an eight-player competitive platformer for 3DS that reminds us quite a lot of New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

Finally, there's Piratoons, a free-to-play mix of match-three puzzling and pirate adventuring. Think Puzzle Quest with scurvy. It's being made for mobile, which we assume means iOS and Android.

Pledge your allegiance

If you like the sound of any of the above, head on over to Gambitious and pledge some money. You might just see the game hitting digital shelves and netting you a profit by way of a bonus.

If you want to learn more about the Gambitious project and what sets it apart from Kickstarter, check out this interview with Gambitious MD Paul Hanraets over on our sister site.

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