'I've never used an iPhone,' says Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein

In other news, Pepsi CEO has never tasted Coke

'I've never used an iPhone,' says Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein

It's an ever increasing trend among conglomerate higher-ups to feign a casual yet complete disregard for the competition. It's apparently a far better tactic to pretend you've never even heard of the competition, than to explain to new customers why you're better than them.

The latest corporate suicide comes from Palm's CEO Jon Rubinstien (once known as the father of the iPod ("Apple? Steve who?")) who told Kara Swisher of All Things Digital at this year's CES that Palm doesn't pay attention to Apple.

"I don't have an iPhone," Rubinstein reasonably asserts while taking careful aim at his foot. "I've never even used one."

Okay, so it's not like anyone expects him to say the iPhone is tits, but these sort of brainless party lines only throw doubt on a company's own products. Or are we to believe that Rubinstein has done absolutely no research into the market he proclaims Palm is set own?

It's times like this that CEOs need to remember the PR man's motto: "Whenever you're digging a hole, always dig upwards."