It’s too grey in Europe

Nine coloured DSs available in Japan, while US goes blue

It’s too grey in Europe

So what’s the problem with Europe? Last to get our DSs, still waiting for PSP - at least we got Gizmondo first - but still no news from Nintendo about when we’ll get some more colourful DSs.

In Japan, the fashion is to launch limited edition coloured DSs in conjunction with game releases. So the crimson DS will come out with 2D fighting game, Shonen Jump, while the pink/purple Mews DS (including a silhouette of the Pokémon on the top cover and near the left speaker) is due in July. Other colours released in Japan are pure white, graphite black, pepsi blue, candy pink, and turquoise blue.

Meanwhile Nintendo US has announced it will be releasing an Electric Blue version to complement the standard Titanium (grey to you and me) version.