iPhone gets a Game Boy Advance emulator

Retro Nintendo thrills for Appleheads

iPhone gets a Game Boy Advance emulator

Apple might not be letting game developers make native iPhone games yet, but there's plenty of coders out there getting hands-on with the handset anyway. Unsurprisingly, retro game emulators are a popular choice.
Take gpSPhone, for example. It's an emulator for the Game Boy Advance, which has just been released in version 0.0.5 (i.e. very early, so don't get your hopes up).

According to The Unoffical Apple Weblog, many games work with the emulator, but the sound is dodgy and the user interface needs some work.

Oh, and there's some other catches, including the need to supply your own BIOS and GBA games, making it something that'll only interest really keen geeks for the moment.

But it's an interesting development, and one that makes us wonder again if firms like Nintendo could revise their attitudes towards mobile phones and launch legitimate retro game services, so people can play classic titles on their phones without cannibalising profits for the DS.

Old Super Mario games on iPhone? You know it makes sense, as long as someone can figure out the touchscreen interface.