iPhone games developers excited by the iPad’s 'big screen experience'

Bigger is better

iPhone games developers excited by the iPad’s 'big screen experience'

The iPad’s multi-touch screen is big (9.7 inches big in fact).

And since its unveiling yesterday developers are already itching to see supersized games running on Apple’s new device.

Our sister site has been soliciting the views of the App Store’s major players on how the added screen real estate will change your gaming experience.

Colin Smith, vice president of Freeverse, says: “The main thing is the beautiful big screen, as good as platform for gaming as the iPhone and iPod touch are (and they are), some games just lend themselves to a larger screen. The higher end, cinematic games will benefit directly from the iPad’s more immersive size.”

Echoing Colin’s sentiments almost word for word is EA’s own vice president of worldwide development Travis Boatman: “Some games will just be better on the iPad thanks to the larger screen and the sophistication gained with multi-touch on that large of a device” Great minds and all that.

It’s obvious that this new larger and more powerful gaming platform will open up a whole host of new games looking to take advantage of the iPad’s impressive specifications - particularly ones that add a level of depth, sophistication, and immersion that cannot be achieved on a smaller screen.

The general consensus amongst developers is that console length RPGs, detailed strategy games, and multiplayer boardgames will soon be arriving on the App Store en masse.

And yet, while some developers are looking to develop new games for iPad, others are understandably looking forward to giving existing iPhone games a new lease of life.

Trip Hawkins, president of Digital Chocolate, is enthusiastic about the ability of the iPad to give “games like Rollercoaster Rush and Tower Bloxx a ‘big screen experience”.

Sarah Thomson of IUGO is equally animated, “picture Implode! or even Toy Bot Diaries, it’s going to be awesome at that size.”

It’s official: big is good.

Tom Love
Tom Love
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