iPhone 'as powerful as Dreamcast' says Sega

The campaign for Seaman Tilt starts here...

iPhone 'as powerful as Dreamcast' says Sega

You'd expect Sega to be pretty chuffed with iPhone, given that its Super Monkey Ball game has been nestled at the top of the App Store chart since day one.

Now Sega of America president Simon Jeffery has reminded us of the handset's potential, telling Kotaku that it's about as powerful as the company's old Dreamcast console.

Which got us thinking about what Dreamcast classics it could bring back for Apple's innovative phone.

A touchscreen version of Phantasy Star Online could work, we reckon (until all the cheats turn up to ruin the experience), while Crazy Taxi and Daytona USA would be ace with motion steering.

Accelerometer-powered Ecco the Dolphin, anyone? Sega Bass Fishing where you cast by flicking the iPhone? Maybe not Shenmue, but bonkers virtual pet game Seaman would surely be a candidate.

Trust us, we have months of headline puns for that ready to roll. Of course, Sega may not revive any of these games, and just bring out 17 iPhone Sonic games instead. But we can dream.