Ingeo hooks your Android phone up to HDTVs so you can play mobile games on a big screen

Micro-console alternative

Ingeo hooks your Android phone up to HDTVs so you can play mobile games on a big screen

Ingeo is different to all of those Android-based micro-consoles that have popped up over the past year or so.

For starters, it's not a micro-console, but it aims to fulfil the same function as them, more or less.

The Ingeo is a dock that you sit your Android phone into, just like a charging dock. This gizmo, however, hooks your phone up to an HDTV. From there, you can use the Ingeo controller to play games that you have on your Android phone, on your TV.

One of the advantages of the Ingeo being a dock and controller is that it can be sold at a much lower price than the micro-consoles.

Currently, the price for an Ingeo dock and a controller on the Indiegogo campaign is $59 / £40. Or you can grab it for $49 / £30 if you get the limited Early Bird deal.

Another advantage of Ingeo is that you don't have to buy extra games for it, like you do have to for the micro-consoles. Not all of them are compatible with Ingeo yet; the full list of supported games can be seen here.

If Ingeo takes off, there's a huge library of games that could potentially be opened up for it. A GameCenter app displays them all on your TV, and should allow for easy browsing, too.

Another feature of the controller is that you can dock your phone on to it, meaning that you have a portable controller and screen to play your Android games on.


If you're running low on cash, but want to have the micro-console experience, it seems like the Ingeo may be a possible alternative.

As said, an Indiegogo campaign is currently running for Ingeo in order to obtain $200,000 to take it from a prototype to the final product. Give it a look if the idea has your interest at all.

Chris Priestman
Chris Priestman
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