iControlpad gives your iPhone buttons...for a price

Pre-orders now being taken for spendy peripheral

iControlpad gives your iPhone buttons...for a price

iControlpad, the button-laced peripheral that snaps onto your iPhone or iPod touch, starts shipping next week.

It comes in three parts: iControlpad controller and two separate snap-on sides. While we're interested in evaluating the final product, it's hard to escape its bulky nature.

Surely it's welcome for those hard-to-control retro games that don't fare well on the touchscreen; yet, is it something you'd want to slip in your pocket?

The peripheral, which also supports a range of other handsets including the Motorola Backflip, LG Optimus S, Blackberry Touch, and HTC Dream, comes at quite a price: £46.70/$74.99.

To put it into perspective, an iPhone 3GS goes for $49.00 through AT&T Wireless in the US.

You can purchase the individual components for cheaper, although since you need all three parts for the peripheral to work, the option of buying individual parts is really meant for replacing lost or broken bits.

Pre-orders for iControlpad have started on the company's official website.

Tracy Erickson
Tracy Erickson
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