Heroes of Might and Magic III ported to Android


Heroes of Might and Magic III ported to Android

Although it may not have the best music of the series (that would be a dead heat between II and IV), Heroes of Might and Magic III from 3DO and New World Computing is still regarded as the best of the long-running turn-based strategy series by fans.

Now, following on from a successful port of the second game, pelya has managed to squeeze the third entry down onto high-end Android handsets via the VCMI open-source project.

This isn’t just a way of getting one of my personal all-time favourite strategy games for free, though - you’re going to need an original copy of HOMM III, and a lot of space on your SD card, for the game to work.

Also it’s worth noting that, unfortunately, there’s no AI in this version, so you’ll only be able to play hotseat.

If you don’t mind roping in a friend then you can grab the file from the Android Market now for free (download).

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