Has the iPhone 5S been outed in a cheat sheet leaked by a Japanese telco?

It might have been

Has the iPhone 5S been outed in a cheat sheet leaked by a Japanese telco?

The iPhone 5S rumour mill has been spinning for a good while now. You'd be aware of this if you'd read our excellent Infinite Scoop report from last week. (Shame on you if you haven't, incidentally.)

Certain pieces of the when-will-the-new-iPhone-come-out puzzle are slowly but surely slotting into place, though.

After Apple's announcement last week that its annual developers conference, WWDC, is set to take place from June 10th to 14th, a leaked document from Japanese Telecom firm KDDI purportedly contains details about the pre-order date for the next iPhone.

The document, which was spotted by French site NoWhereElse, shows a laminated "cheat sheet" for the so-called iPhone 5S. Shop floor staff use these sheets to stay abreast of pricing and products that are on sale.

On this leaked document, it's stated that the iPhone 5S will be available for pre-order on June 20th. And that Apple will then launch the device at some point in July.

Along with the date of the start of the iPhone 5S pre-order period, there's 'confirmation' on this leaked sheet that the next-gen iPhone's camera will be a 13-megapixel snapper, and that the blower will ship with iOS 7.

Of course we're all hanging out in Conjecture Town at the moment, though it isn't inconceivable that Tim Cook would unveil the iPhone 5S during WWDC 2013 and make it available for pre-order the following week.

Alternatively, the hardware focus of WWDC 2013 could just be new MacBooks. Only time will tell.