Handset and the city

Sony Ericsson comes over all cosmopolitan with the Z520i and New York Nights

Handset and the city

The fashion-conscious urbanite is the target of Sony Ericsson’s new Z520i clamshell handset, which is probably the most customisable phone to have ever hit the UK market. Built around a white and silver frame, both the front and back covers are interchangeable and a series of coloured LEDs has been mounted into the frame which produce a lightshow when a call is received. The LEDs can be programmed to display different colours and to pulse in different rhythms according to who’s calling. “The new Z520i is specifically designed for the stylish younger generation, particularly young women, who want to carry an attractive accessory just as much as a mobile communications device,” says Jan Wäreby, Corporate Executive, Vice President and Head of Sales and Marketing of Sony Ericsson.

Rounding out the girl-about-town ethos is the pre-installed version of Gameloft’s New York Nights, a Sims-like game where you can experience the life of a socialite in the Big Apple.

The Z520i will be out this summer and comes with a VGA camera, 65,536 colour screen, Bluetooth and measures 83mm by 46mm by 24mm.