Guns of Glory is celebrating its 4th anniversary with a boatload of pirate-themed events


Guns of Glory is celebrating its 4th anniversary with a boatload of pirate-themed events

Ahoy maties! Guns of Glory has completed four years, and to celebrate, FunPlus has launched a special Pirate Carnival event that's available until September 19th! And there is a lot to do. Time to dive in!

Seaside Fair (August 22nd-September 19th)

Complete pirate themed events to earn Pieces of Eight Coins which can be exchanged at the Seaside Fair for cool rare and normal items, including limited-time anniversary exclusives like the Castle Skin and Décor.

Sea Voyage (August 30th-September 6th)

Kill Threats, rally Red Guard Camps, and gather resources to acquire Voyage Supplies. Exchange these for some powerful Bravery Badges and other rewards you won’t want to miss out on.

Sunken Ship (August 20th-September 5th)

Just like any other sunken pirate ship, this one has some treasure hidden in it too. But this time, you don’t have to break through the ship to find the treasure but build it. Complete daily tasks to gather Shipwreck Wood and donate this to the Sunken Ship to increase its level because, the higher the level, the sweeter the rewards.

Pirate Hunt (August 30th-September 3rd)

This one is a PvE event with a boss encounter which will provide Pieces of Eight Coins for the Seaside Fair. Expect to win some other rare items too.

Anniversary PvP Buff (September 4th-Sepmteber 5th and September 18th-September 19th)

Immortality! During the Crown Invasions, no troops will die, literally. Better exploit this buff.

Anniversary Special World Boss: Wolf Lord (September 4th-September 18th)

A new boss, the Wolf Lord will join Guns of Glory for this anniversary event.

Puzzle Challenge (September 5th-September 11th)

Like Sea Voyage, you can find puzzle pieces by gathering resources, rallying Red Guard Camps, and defeating Threats. This is another way of earning Pieces of Eight Coins.

Battle Tournament Warm-Up Event (September 6th-September 15th)

Do you want a limited-time avatar? Then just complete daily tasks and gain Blessing Points. Reach the required points and the avatar is yours!

Star Treasures (September 7th-September 12th)

Daily activities will also give Crystals that will help you find treasures on the World Map.

Treasure Hunt (September 13th-September 18th)

What’s a pirate event without a treasure hunt? Once again, complete daily tasks to get Pieces of Eight Coins.

These fun challenges won’t complete themselves. Download Guns of Glory for free on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store and celebrate its fourth anniversary!

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Tanish Botadkar
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