Gameloft's magnificent 17 mobile games to end '06

Dogz, Asphalt 3, Brain Challenge, Rayman Raving Rabbids, Meteos… and Noel Edmonds

Gameloft's magnificent 17 mobile games to end '06

Okay, the 'Magnificent 17' in our title was a play on the similar sounding movie name – let's not count our chickens until we've got our hands on them. But with Gameloft also recently revealing that 25 of its releases to date have now sold a million downloads each, you wouldn't bet against some of the new titles being hits too.

And the mobile games to come certainly span the gamut, from flirty Miami Nights: Singles in the City to quirky Dogz and onto the downright weird, such as Horse Riding Academy.

"We made a very special effort as we approached the end of the year to make certain that our line-up reflected the unlimited variety of tastes that are out there," said Gameloft's Gonzague de de Vallois. "We're confident that a large number of the remaining titles will soon join Gameloft's million-unit club."

So, ladies and gentlemen, read our whirlwind summary of the 17 titles then place your bets on which ones will make it:

Miami Nights: Singles in the City – Follow-up to best-selling life-sim game New York Nights.

Dogz – More virtual pets, with several choices of puppies, 10 places to explore, and multiple mini-games.

Brain Challenge – Gameloft's answer to the Nintendo inspired Brain Training craze.

Naval Battle: Mission Commander – Classic game now available in a Bluetooth multiplayer version, plus new rules.

Deal or no Deal – (UK only) Hosted by Noel Edmonds himself, the bearded one's rebirth moves onto mobile.

Asphalt 3: Street Rules – We're promised an 'underground' incarnation of the popular mobile racer.

Christmas Midnight Pool – Set in a snowed-in bar. Hmm.

Bubble Bash – 'Breaks new ground in mobile games based on classic arcade games', we're told. Bubble Bobble-alike, we presume.

King Kong Pinball – Come on, you remember the bit in the Peter Jackson movie where they all play pinball to see off the giant ape?

Gangstar: Crime City – Join a gang, grow a business empire, rule over your district and your city: if you're already doing that, then beating this mobile game version will be a doddle.

Real Golf 2007 – Billed as the first golf game on mobile to incorporate a 'true-to-life environmental influence'.

Special Crime Unit – A scientific investigation mobile game, inspired by certain TV shows. A murder on campus calls for the latest forensic tools.

Real Tennis 2007 – The pro tennis circuit shrunk onto your handset.

Rayman Raving Rabbids – Rayman fighting rabbits. It's French.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas – Tactical action somewhat inspired by the master airport novelist.

Horse Riding Academy – For 'young females', which seems a little sexist to old men who fancy donkeys, previous non-mobile versions of the game have apparently sold over 400,000 copies.

Meteos – The mobile version of the Nintendo DS puzzle game.

Dominos Fever (working title) – Now that even your gran plays poker, dominoes are apparently next big thing. Eventually they all fall down.