Gameloft 'amazed' at lack of Triple-A iPhone games

Although App Store is now its largest sales channel

Gameloft 'amazed' at lack of Triple-A iPhone games

Gameloft CFO Alexandre de Rochefort says the publisher is surprised there aren't more big-budget games available for iPhone.

"We are amazed at the absence of big Triple-A titles on the iPhone," he says, in an interview with

"Most of the games are from small developers, and the production values are not that high. There are only around 15 of what we would call Triple-A titles, although I can assure you that we have quite a few more coming to market very soon."

Gameloft is doing pretty well out of iPhone though - the App Store is now its biggest single sales channel, overtaking its main mobile operator partners.

"We also believe we are the biggest or second biggest publisher on the iPhone in terms of revenues generated," says Rochefort.

His comments came as Gameloft announced overall revenues of €26.2 million for the third quarter of 2008. Rochefort thinks that small developers on the App Store could be squeezed as more big publishers ramp up their roadmaps.

"The window of opportunity for small developers is going to close. From a consumer's point of view, it won't make any sense to buy a game even for £1 or £2, if it's significantly less exciting than a game sold for £4 or £5."

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