GameClub set to launch its 'all-you-can-play' subscription service later this year

Mobile classics resurrected

GameClub set to launch its 'all-you-can-play' subscription service later this year

GameClub’s premium subscription service is set to launch later this year. If you’ve never heard of GameClub prior to now, what it does is resurrect older mobile games whose creators can no longer release updates or offer compatibility support for more recent devices. The service will be available first for iOS, before coming to Android at a later date. 

So far, GameClub has rereleased the likes of Super Crate Box (Vlambeer), Space Miner (Venan Entertainment), and Legendary Wars (Liv Games). At launch, you can expect around 50 playable titles, with new games being added every week thereafter. This constant stream of classic, high-quality games means that, even if some of them might not be for you, you’ll likely always have something decent to play.

All of GameClub’s output is curated by Eli Hodapp, ex editor-in-chief of Touch Arcade. I mention this to reassure you that the people in charge are genuinely passionate about mobile gaming and 100% know their stuff.

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All games added to the service will be free of IAPs and ads, as well as being optimised for the latest iOS and Android devices. You can also play the entire GameClub library offline, which is much appreciated. And if you’ve already purchased a game that GameClub updates, you’ll receive that update for free regardless of whether or not you have a current subscription.

Everything I’ve read about the service makes me think that GameClub is absolutely going about this the right way. Resurrecting classic mobile games is a great cause, and I’m glad that this is the team that’s decided to do it.

Interestingly, GameClub also plans to release ‘new and original premium games’ after launch. Definitely intrigued by that. Subscription pricing still hasn’t been confirmed, though with the service’s launch rapidly approaching, I imagine we’ll find out fairly soon. In the meantime, you can read more about the service over on GameClub's official site

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