GAME OF THE DAY - Where Shadows Slumber is a dark and deep puzzling adventure

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GAME OF THE DAY - Where Shadows Slumber is a dark and deep puzzling adventure

Have you heard about our #gameoftheday initiative? It's a way of making sure that you, our lovely readers, are only ever playing the very best mobile games. Every week day we pick a brilliant game, and let you know why it's so brilliant. You might have missed it the first time round, you might have thought it wasn't for you - but we can pretty much guarantee every game that receives a #gameoftheday award is a total baller.

Today's pick is the maudlin puzzling adventure Where Shadows Slumber. It's awesome, and we'll get to it in a bit, but while we've got you if you click here you can check out every game we've picked for the last few months in our #gameoftheday hub.

Where Shadows Slumber

At first glance this might look like another slightly twee adventure through a pastel world, but you shouldn't always trust your first glance. Where Shadows Slumber is a much darker game than the likes of Monument Valley, something you're going to realise after playing it for only a handful of minutes.

The key here is light - the lamp you're carrying changes the shadows around you, revealing and creating paths that let you explore deeper into the labyrinth you find yourself in. There are some really smart ideas here, all built around that central theme of illumination. Throw in a gloomy story with some properly harrowing moments, and you're left with an experience that plays by its own rules.

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When we reviewed the game we said "Where Shadows Slumber mixes light and darkness in some intelligent and incredibly engaging ways." And then we gave it a shiny Gold Award. Click here to read our Where Shadows Slumber review in all of its glory.

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