GAME OF THE DAY - Teen Titans Go! Figure is a heartwarming collect-'em-all RPG

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GAME OF THE DAY - Teen Titans Go! Figure is a heartwarming collect-'em-all RPG
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Every day here at Pocket Gamer we like to highlight one amazing mobile game that people should definitely be playing. It might be an old game, it might be a new game, but we can guarantee you that it's going to be a brilliant game. It's all part of our #gameoftheday initiative. You know it's important because it's got a hashtag next to it.

Today's choice is the wonderful RPG Teen Titans Go! Figure. We'll have more on that in a bit, but if you click here you can check out our #gameoftheday hub. There you'll find every game that's won this prestigious award, as well as the reasons why. There's loads to read through, so if you've missed any you better start now, otherwise you're going to get left behind.

Teen Titans Go! Figure

The second game in the Teen Titans Go! series sees DC's plucky young heroes collecting figures, having awesome fights, and getting up to the sort of comedic mischief that's made their series compulsive watching. Everything here is done with love, from the humour to the drama, and it shines through in a universe of slightly soulless cash-ins.

To all intents and purposes, this is a catch-'em-all RPG. You'll collect small versions of the game's heroes, and then battle it out with other characters and players. Think Pokémon, but with a completely different sort of charm. This is one of those games that offers up a good time every time you load it up.

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When we reviewed Teen Titans Go! Figure, we called it "a brilliant little RPG with a collect-'em-all core and a heart of absolute gold," and then, quite fittingly, gave it a Gold Award. Click here and you can read every single word of our Teen Titans Go! Figure review. We think it'll give you a damn good idea of why we love it so much.

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