GAME OF THE DAY - Super Fowlst is a sequel that deserves your attention

And its name is a pun

GAME OF THE DAY - Super Fowlst is a sequel that deserves your attention

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Super Fowlst

Sometimes we don't get round to reviewing every game we want to, and Super Fowlst was definitely involved in one of those occasions.

It's especially annoying because we loved the original Fowlst so much - it's a game with a punny name that's all about quick fire, violent action. That's basically our shared Christmas list. So, in an attempt to right that wrong, we're writing about Super Fowlst now.

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Much like its predecessor, the game borrows ideas from a whole bunch of different sources, then jams them together into an intriguing and exhilarating slosh of elements that somehow manages to work. Tap the left of the screen to move up and left, tap the right of the screen to - you can probably work that out yourself.

The aim of the game is to kill everything on a level to open up a portal and move to the next. In the original game those levels took place on a single screen - here there's more of a platformer vibe, as you work your way around a variety of different terrains and smash everything that looks at you funny.

Sometimes when an action game tries to spread itself out some more, the results dilute the experience. Not so here - everything is just as frantic as it is in the original Fowlst, there's just more of it to explore, and it's designed to be tricky in different and more interesting ways.

Basically, if you're looking for a super slick action game that's built from the ground up for quick-fire mobile gaming sessions, you'd be silly to be looking anywhere else right now than Super Fowlst. It's bright, it's bonkers, and it's a worthy recipient of our second game of the day award.

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