GAME OF THE DAY - Sneak Ops is the perfect mobile stealth game

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GAME OF THE DAY - Sneak Ops is the perfect mobile stealth game
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Today's game of the day is all about sneaking. I'm not sure why, it just feels like a sneaky sort of Thursday. It might be on mobile, it might be super adorable, but it's actually one of the best stealth games we've played in a long while. If you missed this one when it first came out, then you'd be a fool to take a pass on it this time. Especially since we're telling you it's ace. I mean, come on.

Sneak Ops

The game is a top-down stealth action adventure with an arcade heart. There are guards, there are cameras, there are lasers, there are all manner of things that are trying to stop you from reaching your goal. So go and sneak past them, you sneaky legend.

The controls are as simple as sliding a finger in the direction you'd like to move. There are vision cones that show you where your foes are looking, so you need to time your movements to make sure you're not getting spotted. The levels only take a handful of seconds, but they're incredibly tense all the same.

This is a game that understands that stealth games are, to all intents and purposes, puzzles. They're about figuring out the safe path, watching the patterns, and then exploiting the openings that you find. And the fact that you can get all of that in the time it takes a kettle to boil is pretty impressive.

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When we reviewed the game, our tall and elegant reviewer called the game "a great distillation of stealth mechanics into a fun and engaging arcade score-chaser," and gave it a Silver Award. Click here and you can read the entirety of our Sneak Ops review.

If you've got your own opinion on the game, then we'd love to hear it - so stick it in the comments below. And make sure you bookmark our game of the day hub, so you'll always be the first to find out which games you should be playing.

Click here to download Sneak Ops for iOS
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