GAME OF THE DAY - One More Button is a puzzler that makes its controls part of the experience


GAME OF THE DAY - One More Button is a puzzler that makes its controls part of the experience

Another new week has rolled around, and our mission to make sure you're only playing the best mobile games continues. Everyday we tell you about an amazing game we think you should be playing - there are bonafide classics, hidden gems you might have missed, and everything in between. We know mobile gaming better than anyone, so let's just put it this way - there ain't gonna be no duds in our #gameoftheday content.

Speaking of which, if you click here you can check out every game that's won this prestigious award at our #gameoftheday hub. We can pretty much guaranteed that you're going to find something amazing you haven't played there.

Today's pick is a smart puzzler that goes by the name of One More Button. We'll get to that in a minute, but if you click right here you can check out the best opinion on the best new games in our reviews section. We definitely reckon you should but, if we're being honest, we're pretty biased, so we'll leave it up to you.

One More Button

Touch screen controls have always been a bone of contention, but One More Button uses them to its strength. There are no floating buttons here - instead the mechanical parts of the game are built into its design. The buttons are, quite literally, part of the play area here, and that makes things really interesting.

You need to move the buttons around, push them out of your way, all the while using them to get around. You can only use the buttons available on each level, so even when things look simple, there's going to be a twist that's going to creep up on you and leave you figuring out a better solution.

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When we reviewed the game we said "One More Button is a slick and engaging puzzler with a difference," and gave it a shiny Silver Award. If you carefully place a click here you'll be able to read our One More Button review in its entirety. Again, we reckon you should.

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