GAME OF THE DAY - Lost in Harmony is a wistful, rhythm-action skater

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GAME OF THE DAY - Lost in Harmony is a wistful, rhythm-action skater

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If you click here you can check out our #gameoftheday hub, where you'll find every game that's won this prestigious award so far. Today, it's the turn of the engrossing narrative skateboarding game Lost in Harmony.

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Lost in Harmony

At first glance this one might look like an endless runner, but it's so much more than that. At its heart its a story about friendship, love, and loss, told through music and movement. You're riding through imagined futures, avoiding the traffic that flows around you to the beat of the songs.

There are some smart ideas here that set the game apart mechanically as well - for one thing you're skating into the camera rather than away from it. Lost in Harmony might take the shape of other games, but just when you think you've got it pinned down it'll pivot into something else entirely.

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When we reviewed Lost in Harmony we called it "a beautiful, sad, sometimes brilliant game," and gave it a shiny Gold Award. That's the second shiniest award we give, and if you click here you can read our Lost in Harmony review in its entirety.

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