GAME OF THE DAY - Hoppenhelm is a pared back action platformer with bite

Helm's deep?

GAME OF THE DAY - Hoppenhelm is a pared back action platformer with bite
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We want to make sure you're always playing the best mobile games here at Pocket Gamer. You could call it our mission statement, if you were so inclined. Part of that mission is our game of the day - every week day, we tell you about a brilliant mobile game that's deserving of your attention.

You might already have played it, you might have never heard of it before, but any game that makes its way into one of these hallowed posts is guaranteed to be a little bit special. Today's game is Hoppenhelm, and it definitely fits into that category.

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If you're looking for innovative ways of building familiar experiences, then Hoppenhelm should be super high on your list of games to check out. It's an action platformer with RPG elements that manages to be stripped back and utterly engrossing at the same time - and that takes a lot of skill.

You're in control of a knight, and you're working your way through a series of obstacles. There are spikes, there are crumbling platforms, and there are a whole bunch of monsters. You've got three options - move one space to the right, attack, or block. The further you get, the bigger your rewards - rewards that can be spent on new, more powerful Knights and weapons.

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At review we called Hoppenhelm "a fun, streamlined mobile platformer that appears to have learned its moves from the best," and gave it a shiny Silver Award. You can click here to read the entirety of our Hoppenhelm review, and we reckon it's definitely worth a peruse.

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