GAME OF THE DAY - Earth Atlantis is an underwater shooter with an amazing art style

And it's real

GAME OF THE DAY - Earth Atlantis is an underwater shooter with an amazing art style

Every day here at Pocket Gamer we like to recommend you a game. It's always a brilliant game, and we always tell you why you should be playing it. We like to call the whole thing our #gameoftheday initiative. We're sort of like The Avengers, but instead of saving the world we save you from playing bad games.

Today's pick is the excellent submarine shooter Earth Atlantis. We'll have more on that in a bit, but if you click here you can check out every game that's been awarded the prestigious #gameoftheday title already. Every game there is amazing, because that's literally the point of what we're trying to do here.

Earth Atlantis

It turns out the seas of the future are awful places filled with enormous monsters. You're in charge of a pretty rickety looking submarine, and it's up to you to kill all the bad things and make the sea safe again. Oh, and said sea is now above the tops of the tallest buildings in the world. Told you it was awful.

Rather than blasting your way through levels, the world here is open and filled with dangers. Some bits you're not going to be able to get past until you've got the right equipment, so you're always pushing to toughen up your underwater boat. There's a real sense of vulnerability here that you don't get in many other shooters - you're dwarfed by almost everything, and just surviving a tough fight feels like a real achievement.

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When we reviewed Earth Atlantis we called it "a brilliant game of deep sea battles, with a lot more going on than just a gorgeous art-style," and gave it a shiny Gold Award. Click here and you can read every word of our Earth Atlantis review. Not to toot our own horn, but we think it's worth it.

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