GAME OF THE DAY - DUNKYPUNG is an action game you play with one finger

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GAME OF THE DAY - DUNKYPUNG is an action game you play with one finger

Every day here at Pocket Gamer, we like to tell you about one mobile game that's worth your time. There are no ulterior motives, no sinister goings on, we just love mobile gaming and we want to make sure that you, our stylish and affable readers, are playing as many of the best mobile games as you physically can. Today's game is Dunkypung, which has a silly name, but is absolutely brilliant.

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To all intents and purposes the game is a single screen version of Flappy Bird. You're controlling a ball that's bouncing around the screen, and your only control is to poke the screen to make it bounce a little higher.

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With that one-finger dodge mechanic you need to avoid deadly spikes, circular saws, more deadly spikes, more circular saws, death buttons, towers of murder, and all sorts of other obstacles that are trying to kill you. Hit one of them and your run comes to an end.

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It's a cruel game, and no mistake, but it doesn't revel in your failure. Instead it pushes you to jump back up and try and get past all of those spikes. Every game you play you're going to get a little bit further, or at least a little bit smarter. Dunkypung chips away at your resistance in the very best way possible.

When we reviewed the game earlier in the year we called Dunkypung "a thorough – and exceedingly challenging – exploration of a simple premise, with an oddball aesthetic and hugely replayable levels to boot" and gave it a Silver Award. Click here and you can read our review of Dunkypung in its entirety.

If you've got your own opinions on Dunkypung - too hard, too yellow, too spiky? - then do let us know in the comments section at the bottom of the article.

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