GAME OF THE DAY - Dizzy Knight is a hectic top-down slasher

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GAME OF THE DAY - Dizzy Knight is a hectic top-down slasher

Today's game of the day selection is an action RPG designed from the ground up for mobile devices. If you've never given the genre a go on your phone because you were worried about the controls not being up to scratch, then Dizzy Knight and its slick design is going to put some those worries to bed.

We've included download links so you can grab the game from the store of your choosing without any fuss. Have you played the game already? Love it? Think we should have chosen something else? Well let us know in the comments section at the bottom of the article and we can get some discussion going.

Oh, and make sure you check out our game of the day hub, where you'll find all of the games we've already given this prestigious award to.

Dizzy Knight

The game sees you controlling the titular spinning warrior - you're viewing the action from above, much like in the older Zelda games. This time round though, the hero is constantly whirling, and using their outstretched sword to attack anything. Enemies can get past your blade though, so you need to make sure you're hitting them from the right angle.

There are boss fights too, and they challenge you to use the skills you've learned smashing up the smaller enemies. There are potions to find too, which let you unleash massive attacks, or beef up your health if you've taken a beating.

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You use the flasks with a tap on the screen, and your move around by dragging a finger around. It's a really easy system, and it lets you concentrate on the violence. That's a good thing, because there's always something to attack, something trying to kill you, or a new enemy to figure out.

When we reviewed the game we gave it a Silver Award and said "for all of its madness, this is actually a well balanced, expertly poised hack-and-slasher. It fits brilliantly on mobile, and if you're hankering for some new-old-school violence, then it's going to be right up your street." Click here and you can read our Dizzy Knight review in its entirety.

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