GAME OF THE DAY - Bottom of the 9th is a baseball board game that appeals to everyone

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GAME OF THE DAY - Bottom of the 9th is a baseball board game that appeals to everyone

A new week has started, which means it's time for us to select another #gameoftheday. What does that mean? It means every week day we choose an awesome mobile game that you might have missed, and tell you why we think you should be playing it.

Today is no exception - and our pick this Monday is the brilliant baseball board game adaptation Bottom of the 9th. While we've got your attention, click here and you can check out all the other games that have been awarded this prestigious and hash-tagged award in our #gameoftheday hub.

Bottom of the 9th

I don't really like or understand baseball, but even so Bottom of the 9th is one of the most interesting board games we've seen on mobile for a while. Not only does it take the framework of the physical game and make it digital, it also adds some RPG-style elements that let you build your team of ballers over a season.

The core of the game is rolling dice - whether you're fielding or batting, the dice are going to decide the outcome of your actions. Bottom of the 9th manages to capture the tensions inherent in baseball, all the while letting people without an encyclopaedic knowledge of the sport enjoy themselves as well. That's exactly the sort of balancing that made us think it was worthy of a #gameoftheday nod.

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When we reviewed Bottom of the 9th, we called it "a brilliant and entertaining board game that's going to appeal to a broad range of people," and then gave it a Silver Award. If you click here you can read our Bottom of the 9th review in its entirety, and while we're biased we definitely think that you should.

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