GAME OF THE DAY - is one of the finest arcade multiplayer experiences for mobile

Axe and ye shall receive

GAME OF THE DAY - is one of the finest arcade multiplayer experiences for mobile

It's time for another #gameoftheday selection. If you've not heard of our bad-games-suck initiative, let me explain it to you - bad games suck, and we want to make sure that you don't play any. So every day we share with you, our devoted readership, one absolute gem from the annals of mobile gaming history. You're most welcome.

Today it's the turn of the axe-tossing multiplayer battler We'll get to that in a bit, but since you might be paying a bit of attention right now, why not click here and see all of the other games that we've bestowed our prestigious #gameoftheday title upon. Together, we can make sure that no one plays a bad mobile game ever again.

If you've played a .io game you're probably expecting this one to be a simple multiplayer game. And it is, but not as simple as you might expect. In the main game mode you're sprinting around a tight arena, hurling axes at everything that moves. As you kill, you level-up, getting access to shields, swords, and other perks that make the slaughter so much easier.

There are other modes to sink your teeth into, including a PvE scrap against a massive dragon. There might not be that much depth to the experience, but this is the perfect slice of pick-up-and-play nonsense that's going to scratch your competitive multiplayer itch pretty comprehensively.

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Using our usual wit and verve, when we reviewed we called it "a surprisingly brilliant game of throwing axes into people's heads," and gave it a Bronze Award. Click here and you can read every perfectly constructed sentence of our review. We promise it's better than the quote, honest.

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