Game Grip accessory takes hold of iPhone

Get a grip on your games

Game Grip accessory takes hold of iPhone

Do you ever feel as though the exceptionally slick surfaces of the iPhone threaten to make the expensive handset leap from your sweaty palms in the middle of a heated game? If you do, it might be worth taking a look at Marware's Game Grip accessory.

Alongside trebling the size of your iPhone, the Game Grip adds some sturdy, silicon-coated handlebars to your posh iPod to help you keep hold of it during prolonged gaming sessions. Although it looks a bit bulky, it does seem like a pretty tasty addition to any driving games, and apparently the silicon sleeves can be used separately to help protect your Apple investment.

It still allows you to charge your iPhone while fitted to the Game Grip, and includes a spacer so the 2G models fit just as snugly as the 3G version. It's not especially cheap, but if getting a better grip on your handset sounds appealing, this looks like it could be the accessory you've been waiting for. Head on over to Marware's website to check it.