Free N-Gage game with Xbox 360 magazine

Well, for the price of a magazine anyway

Free N-Gage game with Xbox 360 magazine

If you go down to the newsagents today and pick up a copy of the official X-Box 360 magazine, you’re sure of a big surprise.

What you’ll find is a special insert advertising the N-Gage platform. No big shakes by itself, but the insert will also feature an activation code for a free N-Gage game.

Considering they cost between six and eight quid to buy, that’s not a bad deal, even if you don’t own the Microsoft console.

According to one poster on the official N-Gage forum, the games you can choose from are Pro Series Golf, ONE, Tetris, Dirk Dagger, Asphalt 3, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and Hooked On: Creatures of the Deep.