Free iPhone and iPad games: The Maze Game?, Infinite Surf

The maze and surf edition

Free iPhone and iPad games: The Maze Game?, Infinite Surf

Welcome to another instalment of Pocket Gamer's free game round-up - a feature that highlights the top App Store titles that have been made free in the past 24 hours.

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The Maze Game?
By JLynnApps - download for iPhone and iPad

A straightforward but well presented puzzle title, The Maze Game? sees you controlling a robot - named HeroBot (way to put unneeded pressure on him, guys) - through overhead obstacle courses.

You're directed by the arrows placed on the floor, so picking the right path is essential in clearing the game's 39 stages.

Infinite Surf
By nocanwin- download for iPhone and iPad

It may not be hugely ambitious, but Infinite Surf is an artistic endless runner that conjures up a rather relaxing, zen-like atmosphere.

You control a surfboard across an infinite number of waves by tilting your iPhone or iPad - but whether you collect the coins scattered around for points or simply surf around the sunset drenched ocean is up to you, maaan.

There are also four different surfboards and two types of wave to try out.