First Video Games Live soundtrack album released on CD

Hear Tetris Piano Opus No 1 performed by Martin Leung

First Video Games Live soundtrack album released on CD

You know what your iPod playlist is missing don't you? It's 'Halo Suite', 'Civilization Medley' and 'Castlevania Rock'.

Until now, if you wanted to hear these sorts of tracks, you'd have to fork out and attend the now-yearly classical musical event, Video Games Live, this year taking place at the Royal Festival Hall in London from October 20th as well as 50 other locations around the world.

But EMI Classics has joined up with the show's creators to release a 'genre-defying' album: Video Games Live: Greatest Hits Volume One.

The album is already available on iTunes for £7.99 (in slightly different form), but this CD release includes 11 tracks remixed and re-recorded from popular games. Not only does buying it mean you won't have to attend the concert to hear the songs, but you'll also avoid exposure to some serious geeks, which hasn't yet been scientifically proven isn't contagious.

Here's the full track listing:

Kingdom Hearts
Warcraft Suite
Myst Medley
Medal of Honor
Civilisation IV Medley
Tetris Piano Opus No 1
God of War Montage
Advent Rising Suite
Tron Montage
Halo Suite
Castlevania Rock (Live)